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KAC Introduces 45° Offset Rail Mounted Micro Folding Sights

45° offset mounts for backup sights are becoming more popular. When needed, the shooter cants the weapon to the left to bring to sights into alignment with the target. Some of these new mounts utilize fixed sights which may become hung up on equipment or obstacles, while others utilize mini red dot sights which often rely on batteries themselves or may be suffer from broken glass. Knight’s Armament Corp on the other hand, has adapted their adjustable back up iron sights for use in the offset role.

The front sight is adjustable for elevation and the rear sight can be adjusted not only for windage, but also for ranges between 200-600 meters.



4 Responses to “KAC Introduces 45° Offset Rail Mounted Micro Folding Sights”

  1. BKB says:

    WOW, a total rip off of the Dueck Defense sights. …Well it is KAC can’t say Im surprised.

  2. Tim says:

    How is it a ripoff? The KAC are folding sights and the Dueck are fixed and they have different style rear sights.

  3. who new says:

    Wow a way design than dueck’s love that they can be folded i would like to see a troy rear dioptic diamond style site developed into the rear site. nice job glad some one out their s thinking.