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CamoRigs Is Now Live

The much anticipated website CamoRigs.com is now live. An offshoot of SKD Tactical, CamoRigs was born out of a dirty back-seat union between the Tactical and Skydiving communities. They offer sport containers in Genuine Crye MultiCam, Desert and Temperate MARPAT (Commercial), Woodland, Army Universal Camo and Tri-Color Desert, as well as other patterns. They also have in-house products, such as the Magnetic Slider Keeper, Packing Mat and Canopy Bag, all designed and made right here in the USA.

Keep an eye peeled for 2012, when they will be launching a new line of skydiving gloves called Valkyrie, a purpose-made glove for jumping that actually fits like a glove.



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    Bounce and Blend baby!!!!