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Blood-Type Markers

Hazard 4 recently introduced their new blood-type markers after learning about military personnel marking their blood types on their boot heels or lacing dog tags into their bootlaces. Rather, these 3-d injection-molded rubber markers, won’t wear off like markers and won’ become secondary projectiles in an IED event. In addition to the bootlace application you see above, they can also be used for bracelets, or as zipper pulls. Available in Black/Grey, Coyote, OD Green, and Glow-in-Dark.


7 Responses to “Blood-Type Markers”

  1. I’m struggling with the utility of this. I can’t think of any medic that would trust ABO tags and administer claret based on a patch, tag or other means of id. These days a blood type can be done as part of the primary care procedure in the field and it will be done again as soon as the casualty is in a more controlled environment.

    If, on the other hand you just want to look “Ali” in the pub or departure lounge then crack on.

  2. Shaggy says:

    UTE, have to agree with you.

    All my boots and carrier are still marked with O-POS and NKA. But, permanent marker doesnt weigh anything, doesnt come off and didnt cost $8 a set.

  3. Old Paratrooper says:

    Well hell, if we’re going to draw the line at costing us, what’s the point of reading this website at all?

  4. Buckaroomedic says:

    As a former Army medic, I completely agree with UTE. I was always amazed at how many people wrote their blood type on their boots, but wouldn’t write their name, laundry mark, or other identifying info on them. The whole blood type patch is pretty much ignored by medicos. Most folks get their blood type from their dog tags, one would be surprised at how many are wrong.

    If you want to display info, to help the medic out, put something useful that will help save your life. For example; I’d rather see a patch that says “NKDA” or “No PCN”. You know, something that is actually useful in primary care.

  5. tomaso says:

    I like the idea of it…and if one could permit marker their name on the back thats better….problem is its not regulation…and their for not used by medics, i know a few First responder types…and they rarely look for Medic Brackets unless the patients old.

    Now whats the reason for having the wrong blood type on the dog tags? do they just put what ever the recruit says his type is?

    Seems to me like this whole subject needs some unification.

  6. .308 says:

    This will be ideal for Airsoft wieners!

  7. sealhunter says:


    Without a typing you are getting ON, possibly OP, but definitely no other group based on something Written on your shoes…

    Two people almost died once while the Dr’s went frantic trying to find Kenetrek compatible blood…