RB1 Combat Pistol Sights

Redback One’s custom designed Combat Pistol Sights are now in production and should be ready in a few weeks. At first they’ll only be available for Glock model handguns but they may add other pistols based upon demand.

According to RB1, they have been working on these sights over several months of T&E to find the perfect match of height, width and depth to produce a pair of combat sights that shoot Point Of Aim/Point Of Impact at all ranges out to 100m. They are being produced by 10-8 Performance who have a great reputation for producing quality sights.

Interested parties should contact RB1 to reserve theirs.

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3 Responses to “RB1 Combat Pistol Sights”

  1. Martin says:

    I’m curious to see what they come up with and would definitely like to hear some first hand reports once they are complete.

  2. scott says:

    If they make them for the xd’s and xdm’s their will definitely be a big market and i would participate in buying some.

  3. FormerSFMedic says:

    Obviously they’re working with 10-8 performance. What are they going to do with these sights differently? I’ll be honest I’d like to see a pair for the M&P.