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RB1 Combat Pistol Sights – Now Available

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Back in July we mentioned that Redback One was working with 10-8 Performance on new Combat Pistol Sights for the Glock. Well, they’re now available, in limited quantities.

They’re not even up on the site yet so if you’re interested in securing a set, you need to email Jason directly.

RB1 Combat Pistol Sights

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Redback One’s custom designed Combat Pistol Sights are now in production and should be ready in a few weeks. At first they’ll only be available for Glock model handguns but they may add other pistols based upon demand.

According to RB1, they have been working on these sights over several months of T&E to find the perfect match of height, width and depth to produce a pair of combat sights that shoot Point Of Aim/Point Of Impact at all ranges out to 100m. They are being produced by 10-8 Performance who have a great reputation for producing quality sights.

Interested parties should contact RB1 to reserve theirs.

Pre-cut Grip Tape from 10-8 Performance

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Why pay for checkering or cause someone else to risk carpal tunnel? That’s a good question, and something 10-8 Performance has an answer for. They are offering pre-cut sections of Grip Tape for 1911 front straps. The aim is to avoid the cost of checkering for a working gun. Additionally, the tape can be easily replaced when needed.

Two versions are offered: Ultragrip Fine grit (similar traction to 30 lpi checkering) or Medium grit (similar traction to 20lpi checkering) (lpi is lines per inch). Each piece is adhesive backed for ease of installation and comes packaged as a set of 5. According to 10-8. for best results, apply only to smooth front straps and be sure to thoroughly degrease front strap with acetone or alcohol prior to application.

10-8 Releases Aluminum Basepads for 1911 Mags

Monday, February 28th, 2011

10-8 Performance unveiled the new machined aluminum base pad for the 1911 at SHOT. The prototype pads shown above are bare aluminum, but the production units will be anodized black. The pads have the now classic 10-8 base pad features – scooped in the front for stripping a stuck mag, and 8 dimples on the bottom for numbering. You will also notice from the photos that the pad has a unique angled profile. This is derived from a concept developed by Chip McCormick and a member of 10-8 Performance, and gives you the best attributes of both low profile and extended base pads in one design. The pad is thin and low profile in the back where you don’t need the material, but is extended up front to provide a positive index in the hand during loading and manipulation. The pad allows you to fully seat the magazine with an extended magazine well, while providing a slim profile for carry. The front of the pad sticks out just enough to allow you to easily pull on it either for ensuring the mag is seated or for malfunction clearance. The pad is designed for the Chip McCormick Power Mag 8, but will also fit the Wilson 47D magazine. Based on info from 10-8 Performance, these should be available VERY soon.

10-8 Performance’s Glock Sight In Tool

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

From 10-8 Performance comes the Glock Sight In Tool (SIT). It is a single use nylon sight blade that can be installed on all models of Glock pistols, temporarily replacing the front sight blade for sight in purposes. You simply install the tool, shoot a test target, and file/sand the overheight blade down to increase the elevation of the group. Once you have filed the blade to the height that gives you the desired point of impact, remove it and measure its height. You can then determine the proper height front sight to purchase for your particular pistol. Each kit sold will include ONE of the sight blades and ONE set screw. Sandpaper is also included for convenience. As an side, they’ve kicked around the idea of putting together agency/unit packs with multiples of each piece. if this is something you’d like to see let them know.