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SPECOPS.PL MBS-1 in PenCott Camo

Polish company SPECOPS has just released these photos of their MBS-1 uniform in two of Hyde Definitions’ PenCott patterns; Badlands and Green Zone.

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8 Responses to “SPECOPS.PL MBS-1 in PenCott Camo”

  1. FormerDirtDart says:

    OK, I hate to say this, but, “Badlands” looks mildly like a smaller UCP pattern, with some HUGE mustard and ketchup stains

  2. Administrator says:

    Click on the photo and blow it up. You’ll see this isn’t the case at all.

    Also, you may not realize it but MARPAT and UCP are the same patterns, just with different color ways.

  3. FormerDirtDart says:

    Hey, didn’t mention it as a bad thing, just a perception.
    I always thought that if the Army had replaced the gray in the UCP-D with an olive color, they might not be issuing MultiCam right now.

    And yes, I am well aware that MARPAT (W/D), UCP, NWU I,II,III (NAVPAT?) and of course CADPAT (T) all share the same pattern, with differing color ways. With UCP being slightly modified to use only 3 colors.

  4. Tac-Up Gear says:

    It looks excellent, they´ve really come a long way with this pattern and SPECOPS made products. ///Martin

  5. Strike-Hold! says:

    The resolution and colour representation in those photos are a bit off as welll. In the flesh, Badlands has a lighter overall shade, and the “mustard” colour is actually more like FDE and the “ketchup” colour is actually brown.

    All this talk of ketchup and mustard makes me hungry for a hot dog and a beer now…

  6. Johnny B says:

    I was going to comment that the colors looked a bit dark, but I have above me a resolution to that issue. Thanks, SH.

  7. B says:

    There are some rumors that same guys who did Roggenwolf test here: http://www.equipped.pl/roggenwolf-warg-exclusive/ will soon try out the PenCott patterns

  8. Lawrence says:

    B – the rumours are true.