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McNett offers a good alternative, triangle-style cravat bandage. It is made from a 30/70 PolyCotton and includes 2 large #3 Safety pins like the original issue item. While many would poo-poo it’s UCP color, it does remain the US Army standard pattern. It also features an antimicrobial treatment and is water repellant.

A cravat is a must-have item in your individual kit. It can be applied in a variety of ways for first-aid as well as for other uses. For example, Sling/Swath, Bandage, Splint Wrap or Padding, Tourniquet, Ankle or Joint Wrap, Environmental Mask, Rain, Wind and Dust Bandanna, and Water Resistant Camouflage Cover.


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  1. Mattd says:

    UCP works when it’s dirty- the light colors in UCP are designed to pick up the dirt from the environment you’re deployed in. It’s not perfect right away but it does work, soldiers shouldn’t be required to always have clean uniforms, it should be ok for soldiers to walk around in dirty uniforms because that’s how they are designed to work. The only major problem with ACUs are the durability, but I guess they’re working on that.