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The Incredible Self-Locking Clip

Miltner Adams Company has introduced the Incredible Self-Locking Clip. It’s simple to use and automatically locks on to most soft materials such as pockets, waistbands, or even nylon webbing, but unfortunately not leather. To release, simply press the clip. The SLCâ„¢ is made from a Carbon Fiber Composite. If there’s any weak point in the design at this point it is how you attach it to your stuff. While there is a key ring adapter, for pretty much anything else it attaches via 3M VHB Adhesive Tape. I’m not convinced this is teh right answer for every application. Hopefully, manufacturers will see this and contact Miltner Adams to discuss ways to better integrate it into their products.



3 Responses to “The Incredible Self-Locking Clip”

  1. Andrew says:

    Looks remarkably similar to the Nite Ize eCLIPse… which, interestingly, no longer appears on the Nite Ize website. I wonder if Nite Ize sold the license to Miltner Adams. Anyways, the M A version looks decent.

  2. MarkM says:

    I have an eClipse and it works great. The 3M tape is a difficult to find necessity, and substitutes like auto trim tape aren’t equivalent. And, County Comm no longer has them on their updated website at first glance, either.

    Transferring the clip from one phone to another isn’t hard, but the attaching tape is a mandatory option. How to use the clip on webbing or fabric is the challenge, short of rivets or sewing it on.

    All in all, a name change for a good accessory that’s been on the market for over a year, now in composite.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    According to the Miltner Adams website, “Miltner Adams invented, designed, and engineered the SLC.” And, that Nite Ize had licensed the invention from Miltner Adams. So, I looked at my old eClipse packaging, and on the back is printed, “Designed and Engineered by Nite Ize.” Interesting! I then looked-up the patent application online, and the inventors are H. Miltner and J. Adams (the owners/partners of Miltner Adams Company).

    Sounds like Miltner Adams may have had some kind of problem with Nite Ize, which would explain why Nite Ize, doesn’t have the license anymore. That said; I bought a couple of the new Miltner Adams SLC’s online, and like them a lot. They’re a big improvement over the eClipse in quality and made in the USA. I especially like the key ring adaptor. BTW, for that poster that can’t find tape for his eClipse, these also come with spare tape.