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870 Modular Combat Shotgun

Remington just released this ad for the 870 Modular Combat Shotgun which features a user-configurable stock and barrel system. Check out the retention system. It’s made by Blade Tech specifically for the 870 MCS.

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4 Responses to “870 Modular Combat Shotgun”

  1. charlie says:

    Only problem is Remington Defense REFUSES to sell these to civilians. They won’t even sell them to dealers unless the dealer can prove they have a LEO/MIL client waiting for them. Hell Remington Defense won’t even sell the damned retention device to civilians or civilian dealers!

  2. Administrator says:


    You are absolutely right.

    -The Editor

  3. Armored says:

    Is Remington really all that much better than say Benelli? From what I read from customer reviews, some of the Remington express shotguns tend to freeze up if the weather is slightly muggy/humid or they jam. Also, I heard the parts tended to be rough and some weren’t ‘smoothed out’. Would that same quality translate to something like this 870 MCS? Anyone care to comment with their experiences with Remington?

  4. smith says:

    for me i ever use remington and beneli if someone say what is better, i’ll say , they ‘re depending on mission if you’re in stuck situation beneli and aa 12 that’s be your choice beacause they’ve automatic fire and they can make you’re adventage but remington 870 that is utility shotgun they cannot make automatic fire or rapidfire but they ‘re one shotgun in ultimate mission so why if you’re need to kill 5 enemy you can use buck shot if you need to stop vehicle or firing one target you’re use slug and do you belive ? all sitution i’ll say remington 870 can do that in one time. see magpul shotgun dvd you’ll find