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Batlskin – Coming Soon from Revision

The other day we told you about a new helmet under development for the US Army by Revision Military. Now, we know the internal development has been under the name Batlskinâ„¢ at Revision’s Composite Center of Excellence . Here are a couple of concept drawings to give you an idea of what they are up to.


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14 Responses to “Batlskin – Coming Soon from Revision”

  1. Jimmy says:

    It’s got eye pro for your eye pro.

  2. Opso says:

    I’d hate to be the guys field testing that thing in the sandbox. It’s hot enough outside already, let alone with a full face helmet smothering you.

  3. HungryMan says:

    Can anyone say halo?

  4. Matt says:

    I forget where I read this, maybe it was here, but almost all deaths from head injuries resulting from explosions are caused by the absorption of the shock wave through the soft tissues in the face. So, putting a visor or some type of protection in front of the face seems to be the logical thing to do but Opso is right, I’d hate to be wearing that in constant 100 degree heat.

  5. Dev says:

    @ Jimmy

    Yo dawg…

  6. SEAL says:

    Ops core has already knocked this idea out of the park, why are we spending more money trying to develop something that is already there!!!???

  7. Andrew says:

    I doubt anyone is suggesting that your average Infantry dude is going to be wearing the full face mask like this day to day but certainly there are some dudes who wear full face masks now, why not make one helmet that runs the gamut?

    Does anyone recognize the ear pro? Looks like they have an integrated mic.; the kinda snaggy looking thing on the right side.

    I’m also curious as to the structure running along above the brow. Looks kinda like the female half of some kind of attachment system, as though something could snap in there. Or is that just the structure that supports the mounting bracket in the center?

  8. I says:

    To those saying the full version of this is going to be too hot or clunky, this may well be for just a few niche applications, not your average tom. Like top cover men on the wagons, AFV crews, or gunners/aircrewmen on helos. It’s probably a lot more suited to this sort of role than for your average infanteer I’m guessing, and there are cooling systems in place on some veh’s out there.

    The way I see it, that’s the only way the version with full visor and mandible protection is going to work in any case. Doesn’t look like you’d have a chance of getting decent cheek weld or eye relief for your rifle with all that on, so operating a spade-gripped MG it would have to be.

    Anyway, take a look at the UK version here, less eye-pro, more face-pro: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4121/4876780126_64798679f4.jpg

  9. Administrator says:

    I am pretty sure that UK version is theirs.

  10. .308 says:

    I think that MTEK Weapon Systems clearly has the most advanced product offering, and really the only facial armor that has been used in theater..not just in a lab or in sold works..

  11. straps says:

    My clan lab kit included a helmet (IIRC built by a French mfg named Sperian) that isolated the nose and mouth from the lens with a small fan that pushed moist air down and away–and provided cooling. The gel inserts were coated in a fabric that sloughed so much heat from my skin that it was actually uncomfortable to wear in the winter. Same lithium button cells ran the fan from spring to fall. Their trade show booth also featured a ballistic helmet that had a cooling system built around CO2 cartridges, which they were said to be perfecting for military use (durability acceptable, longevity getting there, noise discipline getting there). This was 2007-2008 timeframe. I’d be surprised if you told me that 4 years had passed with NO IMPROVEMENTS in these performance characteristics. Skepticism is good: I’ll withhold cynicism until I can speak to people with patents in force…

  12. Huh? says:

    It all looks removable to me.

  13. KeepWalking says:

    I wonder how many projects are running now and how many products are really available. All prices I’ve seen are incredibly high (Ops Core for ex). I doubt we will receive anything before… years… but do we need all this stuff?