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Buy a Pair of Magnums, Help a Servicemember

For every pair of Magnum boots purchased through select retailers between now and August 15th, Magnum USA will donate a portion of the proceeds to Operation Gratitude. You may well already know about Operation Gratitude which has shipped more than 660,000 personalized care packages to American troops deployed overseas since 1993.

“It’s nearly impossible to be able to truly express our gratitude to our troops for the enormous sacrifices they make on behalf of our country,” said Bob Kaiser, Magnum USA CEO. “We wanted to be able to let our Forces know that we’re thinking about them, and partnering with Operation Gratitude to send out care packages is the perfect way to do so.”

The promotion, which is available only through Quartermaster, MilitaryBoots.com, U.S. Cavalry and DutyBootShop.com, offers Magnum’s Sidewinder HPi, Spider 8.1 HPi, Elite Spider 8.0, Stealth Force 8.0, Cobra 8.0, Cobra 6.0 and Response II 8” Desert Tan boots at a special price of 20% off retail. For every pair of boots sold during the first two weeks of August, $1 will be donated to Operation Gratitude.



4 Responses to “Buy a Pair of Magnums, Help a Servicemember”

  1. lionsofengland says:

    that is a shameless way of making you pay for magnums. being a brit, i’ve known about these absolutely shit combat boots for years, we get issued them. they are so poor, even the spider 8.0. poor reputation amongst the troops, poor performance, favoured because by the procurement teams because they’re cheap.

  2. Huh? says:

    “making you pay for them”??? Did someone twist your arm? Last time I looked it was still a free market buddy. If you don’t like the boots tell us why but your post really stinks. It’s a trumped up excuse at best to complain about the boots. They’re on sale and they’re giving to charity if you buy them.

  3. Magnum USA says:

    Thanks for the mention, Soldier Systems! Please note that this promo is available for our Desert Tan boots only (through the four retailers mentioned above).

    @lionsofengland, we’re very sorry to hear that you feel this way. We invite everyone to leave their honest feedback (the good and the bad) through our Field Testers program, which you can access through our website at http://www.magnumboots.com.

  4. Aaron says:

    Have not tried any recent Magnum vintage, my last pair was definitely a good one in black years ago. I’d be more than willing to become a field tester!:)