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Tarahumara Pack Preview

The upcoming Tarahumara pack from Hill People Gear started out as a hydration pack concept for their Kit Bag. Then, it morphed into something more.

It can be docked to Kit Bag for those times when you want some water and a coat in addition to your possibles or used with the integrated runner’s harness with the Kit Bag, or as a stand alone pack.

Additionally, it has a padded back panel and a slot pocket between the back panel and the main compartment. Inside, there is a hang loop for a hydration bladder. The two slightly dimensional side pockets will each take a USGI 1qt canteen. The removable compression straps will cinch the bag down to nothing, but also allow you to put quite a bit under them — like a carbine or pair of snowshoes. Dimensions on the pack are a somewhat contoured 17″x9″x4″. All of this at 1lb without shoulder straps.



6 Responses to “Tarahumara Pack Preview”

  1. Brian says:

    Any eta? price?

  2. deadcat says:

    Word. I can see something like this replacing my hydration carrier for its capability to carry some more water for those longer duration missions.

  3. Bob says:

    I will own this. Looks amazing.

  4. lobutcher says:

    looks awesome. can’t wait

  5. Evan Hill says:

    Thanks guys! We’re VERY happy with this pack ourselves and think you’ll be pleased. Pricing is unknown at this point, and availability is “this fall”. Based on the response we’ve gotten from this single picture, this product is definitely on our fast track and we are working to have the when and how much questions answered sooner rather than later. More pictures and product details will be up on our website later this week.