GORE-TEX Professional


The TACLETE sets the example. Although the TACLETE takes many forms he is first and foremost a public servant. Some will call him Sheep Dog, guarding his flock, protecting them from harm. Many will be relieved when he arrives, knowing the day has been saved. Ever the consummate professional, he trains his mind and body and knows his equipment inside and out. While he may not always be world class, he strives to be the best he can be; always surpassing his adversary. He incessantly seeks out any edge that could possibly save his life and ensure success. He pushes himself constantly, mastering a multitude of skills. Don’t let the name Athlete fool you, this guy’s playing field is deadly serious.

The TACLETE is adaptable. No matter his core specialty, he seeks to cross train and apply lessons learned from other fields into his day to day routine. He is prepared to operate as part of a team or alone for extended periods of time relying solely on his wits and equipment for success.

The TACLETE is dedicated. He eats, sleeps, and breathes his chosen path. He trains regularly, in all conditions. He seeks knowledge. While some will consider him a master of his craft he knows he is a life-long student.

The TACLETE is a craftsman. He uses his equipment like an artist wields a brush. He seeks out the best the market has to offer and often modifies it for his own use. He knows what works and avoids fads and gimmicks. He always has a backup. In a pinch, he can improvise or even do without.

The TACLETE is omniscient. He is the master of his domain and knows his environment. Ever vigilant, he observes, collects information, make preparations. No detail escapes his gaze no matter how small or seemingly irrelevant. He is the man on the scene before it is a scene.

The TACLETE is a chameleon. He wants to be underestimated by those around him. He has mastered the craft of camouflage and knows that it takes many forms, from selecting the right clothing and equipment in order to blend in, to how he presents himself to others. He can change his appearance in an instant by taking off his jacket, removing a ball cap and changing his gait. The quintessential Grey Man, everything he does is for effect.

The TACLETE is a Winner.

TACLETE is a portmanteau word combining Tactical and Athlete. The attributes in this depiction define the traits of a TACLETE. Natural progressions include Tacletics to describe the training of TACLETEs.


27 Responses to “The TACLETE”

  1. Dan0280 says:

    This is very gay.

  2. Eric S. says:

    I think this line says it all “While he may not always be world class, he strives to be the best he can be; always surpassing his adversary.”
    You dont have to be a tier-one operator as long as you push to improve YOURSELF.

  3. Mattd says:

    sounds like the TACLETE just has really cool equipment… a tacticool guy, if you will. “He seeks out the best the market has to offer and often modifies it for his own use.”

  4. I see what you mean but... says:

    Whats the source for this? looks like there should be a TM every other word.

    While it is a bit different perhaps it could be used as a test of intellect. Already it has shown that Mattd failed reading comprehension in school. There are like 7 paragraphs he and he honed in on 1 sentence and thinks the entire thing is about gear. Fail.

  5. TF says:

    Seriously gay. Gear queers and posers don’t need their own creed.

  6. Dan says:

    Another vote for gay.

  7. Jack says:

    Seriously, what is this nonsense supposed to mean? This is just stupid.

  8. Ken says:

    Is this the new Pogueman’s creed?

  9. .308 says:

    HAHA.. one more line;

    THE TACLETE Wears an “Infidel” T Shirt

  10. .308 says:

    Oh, sorry one more:

    THE TACLETE plays Air Soft and doesnt care when people call him a douche….

  11. Yuck says:

    I liked this place better when comments were closed and douchebags had to just mutter to themselves.

  12. Jack says:

    @Yuck: And yet…

  13. Yuck says:

    Oh that term TACLETE stinks to high heaven but the rest of it isn’t bad. Hardly “gay” don’t really think of the love that dare not speak it’s name when I think of service. Obviously some do, otherwise they wouldn’t have had to repeal DADT. And now I too have vomited all over this board. What’s next? Will someone be called a nazi?

  14. Kilroy says:

    You know, only mall ninjas and posers would like this. The people who are already hardcore already have cool titles like soldier, marine, sailor, and airman.

    Those who can’t call themselves any of the previous have to invent cool titles like TACLETE, operator, or some other garbage.

  15. Dan says:

    It’s a great one for the “prepared citizen/civilian” category who spend their time and money training for that mall shooting, car jacking or bump in the night scenario which they dread but also get a woody thinking about at the same time.

  16. Big G says:

    pure faggotry.

  17. I see what you mean but... says:

    I was kind of thinking this sucked but now I wonder. So all of you stone cold killers are saying that this is all pure faggotry? I reread it. I maintain my position that the whole taclete thingy is lame but the write up has some good points to strive for although it sounds more 007 than military. So I challenge the gay crowd to break it down. What sucks?

  18. Tim Thomas says:

    All in all it’s like a discription of a super hero, from a novel, or t.v. program… Unrealistic…

    No one… I repeat, No one controls the environment or his domain, but for maybe a short time… Everyone is falable, makes mistakes, and like everyone who has ever gone before, end up meeting the same fate…
    Good or bad, expert or douche bag, we all know that it’s not always under our control, who wins or looses a fight… The modern bullshit writers like to leave God Almighty out of the equasion, as if , life and death are determined by our level of dedication, training, and equipment we use… yet there are no guarantees, any of these things will ensure victory, or our ability to walk out the way we walked in…

  19. I see what you mean but... says:

    So you are saying that it’s all up to God? That is sorry. You sound like a Muslim.

  20. Tim Thomas says:

    Most of it…

    It is what it is…

    No… I sound like I’m a devoted Christian…

  21. I see what you mean but... says:


    Why even bother living?

  22. FormerSFMedic says:

    Sounds like a lot of you got upset because it doesn’t describe you. You call it gay because you aren’t any of the things this write up mentions. The term Taclete is a little corny, but the descriptions are good to go. Tactical athlete, soldier athlete, whatever, is a great way to describe the new breed of fighter. Oh, and I don’t see how this describes airsoft players, infidel t-shirt wearing fanboys, or kit geeks.

  23. Jack says:

    FormerSFMedic: “Sounds like a lot of you got upset because it doesn’t describe you. You call it gay because you aren’t any of the things this write up mentions.”

    You’re painting with a pretty broad brush, there. Don’t assume.

    Speaking for myself, this kind of silliness isn’t worth getting “upset” over, and I called it stupid, not gay, which is sort of beside the point. I think the reason so many guys have taken the time to mock this little super-creedo is because it sounds silly and juvenile.

    You might think it’s “a great way to describe the new breed of fighter” but I think it sounds like something they make the recruits memorize at MEPS.

  24. S1 says:

    Taclete gave away all of his earthly possessions…and purchased everything new in multicam

  25. Big G says:

    @ S1…
    Too funny… good one.

  26. Big G says:

    The Taclete: “WINNING!”

  27. TF says:

    The TACLETE took 3 days off from his job at mall security, and had to sell all his XXL crye uniforms so he could buy an airframe helmet to wear to his next super high-speed ninja operator 3 day carbine class.