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Colt CM901

If you want to get your hands on a Colt CM901 in a more intimate environment than SHOT Show or AUSA then make sure you visit Colt at this week’s Soldier Equipment & Technology Expo & Conference at Fort Bragg.

The Colt CM901 can change calibers from 5.56mm up to and including 7.62 x 51mm NATO, by changing the upper receiver group at the user level. By simply disengaging the takedown and pivot pins, the user can quickly change from a 5.56mm Close Quarters Battle (CQB) to a full length 7.62 x 51mm Extended Range Carbine (ERC) configuration in seconds without the need to re-zero optics already mounted on the upper receiver assembly.


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6 Responses to “Colt CM901”

  1. TTe says:

    Yes it’s innovative but skeptical when comimg to practical. Will the operator carry extra load of swapping parts during CQB and how do they not get in the way(barrel)? Who will need to swap the configuration “in a matter of seconds” during CQB firefight? Will the bad guy flee away fast enough that your commando or carbine can’t reach out?

  2. Full retard says:

    No, and that is the goofiest thing I have read all week. Weapons would be configured before a mission. I haven’t ever heard anyone with half a brain suggest that Soldiers carry multiple uppers on a mission. The point is that you don’t need multiple weapons or an armorer to reconfidure a rifle.

  3. Jack Luz says:

    Will this new rifle make use of a direct gas piston system or use the same direct gas impediment system? A rifle being able to survive abuse -like the AK47/AKM- is as important as accuracy. It would be a real nightmare if such a rifle jammed/malfunctioned in a middle of a firefight/combat -like Vietnam.

  4. Administrator says:

    Contrary to internet memes, issue gas impingement guns don’t choke out at the worst possible moment so long as they are properly lubed.

    Having said that, Colt offers several different upper types to suit a variety of requirements.

  5. 6520 says:

    The Military version (CMC) uses a gas piston.
    The civilian version (SP 901) uses DI.

  6. TTe says:

    @full retard, yes you’re I agree. I don’t mind you can utilize only one -quartered brain. everybody has long known what you said. The point is don’t advertise changing can be done in” seconds”. Just 5 mins to configure before the mission is lightning fast enough. read my comment twice and think thrice you’ll utilize your brain up to the half.