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NBOW Range Day – H&K

I am attending the New Breed of Warrior range day at US Training Center in Moyock, NC.

H&K demo’d several weapons including the USMC’s new M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle. Here you can see the weapon with most of the issue accessories. The backup sights will be swapped out for the KAC micro sight and the Marines have asked for a slight modification to the butt stock. The latch for removal of the pad will be changed in order to make it more difficult to remove. This way it won’t accidentally be removed.


Additionally, H&K unveiled their new HK169 Grenade Launcher. Designed to replace the HK69 stand alone GL, it takes the US Army issue M320 and strips the sights off the top in favor of a rail. Additionally, it integrates the side folding stock from the G36. These changes save about 1.5 lbs. When the stock is removed almost another pound can be shaved from the weight.



I fired two TPT rounds from the HK169 which is one of only three examples here in the US. It was fitted with rudimentary leaf sights so there was a little bit of Kentucky windage but I was on target by the second round.



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