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NBOW – Marz Tactical


Marz Tactical has been introducing a slew of new products since coming on the scene in 2010. Their Field Kit caught our eye. Designed for small arms maintenance, it gives you a clean, dry space to lay out your parts and rolls up to a compact size. The coolest feature of the Field Kit Are the two magnets sewn into the fabric designed to keep your individual parts where you put them. Additionally, it features two 9″ x 3″ zippered compartments with adjustable internal dividers. These pockets sit atop sleeve pockets that will carry a Bolt Carrier Group or segmented cleaning rods.



10 Responses to “NBOW – Marz Tactical”

  1. MB says:

    This product looks remarkably similar to the EMDOM USA KitMat that I bought last year. It is a great piece of gear and built to last.

  2. TrackSol says:

    +1 on the EMDOM/MM kitmat. I have one too. I also see the similarity.

  3. Ray says:

    Also +1 on the EMDOM/MM kitmat. from the photo, it’s a carbon copy but with added magnets.

  4. HOG says:

    While it may be a similar product(as many items in the nylon world are),it is vastly superior and yet a different product. I own the Emdom, and had a chance to get hands on with the Marz kit today at the show. The Marz kit is truly a field worthy design. The magnets(for small part management) and the flat pockets (designed for a bolt/carrier assembly or segmented cleaning rods) are two features that really stand out. The adjustable divided pouches are a nice touch and the way it rolls up to stow is pretty trick. There was obviously a lot of thought that went into the Marz kit. It appears to be evolution at work in the tactical nylon industry-and that is what’s truly needed. I WILL be ordering several from GSS. Made in the USA is a good thing too.

  5. I see what you mean but... says:

    Maybe EMDOM should just add magnets to theirs then.

  6. cqbg36 says:

    So if you add magnets to any existing design then it becomes vastly superior? I would hope that MARZ also put some thought into paying royalities to MM and EMDOM for using their design.

  7. MM says:

    i originally considered magnets for the EMDOM Kitmat, but they only work with ferrous parts. the velcro strips we use work with anything – plastic, brass, aluminum etc. that’s why we went with velcro. i found that if you’re outdoors, and a gust of wind kicks the mat up, everything not secured will go flying.

    i recently reviewed a crosstac armorer’s mat that does have magnets, and they work well for what they’re designed for – more for table/range use than field use:

  8. R.Erinyes says:

    I own the Emdom product and saw the MTG version at the GSS show. Although they may look similar, the Marz version is A LOT more utilitarian and the features very well thought out. I don’t own one now, but I am going to purchase one. I have been an end user of the type of equipment for 25 years now and I am constantly amazed at the evolution in tactical gear. I am also appalled at the “bitchy little girl” attitudes expressed by “geardos” when something that looks similar to other products appears. Just take a look at chest rigs. Almost all of them look alike. Some have better features than others and are of a higher quality build. I believe this is the case here, similar purpose, evolved features. I own other Emdom gear and see very similar products out in the marketplace all the time and don’t here all the bitching going on here. I have seen when other companies do shameless direct copies of good gear with unique features and no one bitches. I for one will buy gear from Marz Tactical and will recommend it to all who need gear that is constantly evolving. Strong Work Marz!

  9. cqbg36 says:

    Copying chest rigs and mag pouches…well they are all pretty standard in their basic design so you aren’t going to get much variation but when you outright copy such a specific and unique piece of gear like the kitmat…well that is just theft. At least Marz could have changed the shape, number of pouches or their layout and that might have mitigated the compairsons and still keep to the concept. But if you don’t like to face facts then just write it off as coming from a “bitchy little geardo girl”..that will make it all better. Marz just lost my business.

  10. TacGurl223 says:

    Wow…I myself find it funny how you R.Erinyes seem to be the only one acting like a “bitchy little girl” with your statement. You are so defensive of the product & Marz that I can’t help but think you may be connected to them in one way shape or form. Bravo to MM for being so humble, sticking straight to the facts & not coming off as being a “bitchy little girl”…..having class will earn ENDOM my business no matter who’s version is better. But in the end I think Marz owes MM & ENDOM kuddos on doing their job for them….maybe next year Marz can copy their ammo sac & put magnets on that too!