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NBOW – Paraclete MSA


Paraclete has introduced the Shield, a new soft armor solution. The first thing you will notice is the cut. Based on an in-depth statistical analysis of body types, they developed this new cut cut that offers a great deal of movement in the chest area without compromising protection of vital areas. Additionally, there is a 6″ x 8″ trauma plate pocket in the chest.

Sized XS – 3XL all at the same price, they have integrated litelok fabric which features a DWR finish. On the inside, they use Outlast fabric, a comfortable product that feels great against the body.

It comes with two sets of shoulder straps, and when paired with the unique Velcro field on the vest, you can adjust the vest to accommodate almost any fit. This is a great program vest offering 3 level II and 3 level IIIA ballistic packages.



2 Responses to “NBOW – Paraclete MSA”

  1. Fatjesus says:

    Paraclete used to be the $h*t, but ever since MSA bought them out (one day after the DHS contract), they’ve went to $h*t.

  2. Kenny Armor says:

    MSA Paraclete is selling out because they are scared of Tim D’Annunzio. MSA knows Tim can build a much better product than MSA. The MSA engineers have not built one new product since Tim left and most of Tim’s old crew left not long after.