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SOC-P Knife – Getting It Into Action

Last week, we mentioned the recently released Special Operations Combatives Program (SOC-P) knife designed by Greg Thompson. While we described the features of the dagger, this graphic from Benchmade does a great job of illustrating the sequence of events of getting it into action and how the SOC-P knife is used.

10 Responses to “SOC-P Knife – Getting It Into Action”

  1. C says:

    Now try an emergency reload! Holy F-ing trauma. I do like the looks of the knife though.

  2. killslowly says:

    Solid Snake Approved.

  3. Mobious says:

    Ah, was waiting for a Snake reference, but what’s different here is that the left hand is free with the right holding both. But unless you’re going to flail the gun at an opponent as well, it’s rather just in the way…

  4. Run Gun says:

    What brainiac came up with this dumb shit? You can not use it in your strong hand! What are you going to do on reloads? Work on it a little. Weak hand maybe. Nice try, Good luck!

  5. John says:

    Hope it is real cheap. Considering you have to throw it away before customs at Bagram or Manass. You can not bring double edged knifes home, unless they have changed the rules recently.

    The issue bayonet blade is one of the best fixed blades out there, since it was introduced as the M-3 fighting knife. For all other purposes the little Gerber LST has done everything else for me for 30+ years.

    Besides, as others have said, this thing has self-inflicted wound written all over it.

  6. Acid Gambit says:

    Greg designed this knife from direct input from THE most elite soldiers in the world. Operational experience built this knife. Thousands of entries into really bad buildings in IZ and AF. It was not dreamed up by video gamers, not range commandos, not cops. Assaulters at the highest level, who have been blind sided and tackled while clearing nasty places were the driving input for this knife.

    During CQB it is definitely possible that an assaulter will become tied up in a fight with a bad guy. In many situations he may be unable to use his primary weapon and unable to draw his secondary ( tackled to the ground or over furniture). At this point the knife comes out and can stab and slash the bad guy until the assaulter can get to his pistol and put 2 in the enemy. The knife is used to create space for you to get to your pistol. The assaulter can draw his pistol while still holding the knife, finish the fight, stand up and put his tools away and get back to work.

    The knife is not designed for you to run around and do El Prez mag change drills while holding it. I can’t think of a knife that is designed for that, so don’t get confused. The SOC-P knife is meant to save your life and allow you to fight back to your pistol or rifle and still be able to pull the trigger with your strong hand, or support the pistol/rifle with your weak hand, while still holding the knife.

  7. Administrator says:

    Acid Gambit. Huge thank you!

  8. Jason says:

    @ Acid Gambit – good response. Too bad you can’t find this dang knife anywhere

  9. m5 says:

    SSD says: “Benchmade does a great job of illustrating the sequence of events of getting it into action and how the SOC-P knife is used.” Huh?! The ingenious pic series illustrating how to to draw kinfe first, and then the pistol whilst holding the knife. This is, of course, idiotic, as many replies duly noted. And has nothing to do with fighting back to your pistol.

    Admin says, I just realized you wrote this. The point of the knife is to get you out of a grapple and some maneuver room so you can get your sidearm into action.