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NBOW – Benchmade Knives


Knives has just released the SOC-P designed by Greg Thompson. The Special Operations Combatives Program knife is a dagger designed to get you out of a close fight. It feature a retention ring in the handle. A finger goes in the retention ring for the draw stroke. This ensures retention when transitioning to a sidearm or in a grapple. In addition to a MOLLE compatible sheath, it also comes with a red training knife.

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  1. I see what you mean but... says:

    Didn’t Spartan Knives make this first?

  2. […] Last week, we mentioned the recently released Special Operations Combatives Program (SOC-P) knife designed by Greg Thompson. While we described the features of the dagger, this graphic from Benchmade does a great job of illustrating the sequence of events of getting it into action and how the SOC-P knife is used. […]