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If you are in Naval Aviation Maintenance this is awesome news. No one has updated deck clothing in ages. DRIFIRE took up the charge and developed a completely new deck ensemble.


The new deck jersey retains the traditional design with a couple of enhancements. First and foremost, it’s FR, real FR. It’s so FR that I observed a PYROMAN test with the new clothing where the deck jersey actually extinguished a float coat that kept burning (yes, these burn) even after the flame was removed. Additionally, the DRIFIRE fabric wicks moisture and is anti-microbial.


In additional the mock turtle neck it also features thumbholes in the cuffs to enhance protection from flame as well as weather. It is available in all seven deck jersey colors.


In addition to applying their fabric technology to the issue deck pant, DRIFIRE also came up with a completely new design. It integrates a semi-elastic waist to accommodate various waist sizes as well as layering for cold weather. DRIFIRE also added a second cargo pocket as well as wand holders on both hips above the cargo pockets. Finally, there is an adjustment strap at the hem of the pant.

Overall, this is HUGE improvement over the issue, non-FR status quo.



One Response to “NBOW – DRIFIRE”

  1. Anon says:

    I’m not a big fan of more pockets in pants but elastic waist is a must. I’m slightly larger than medium-long and large-long is way too large for me. I always have to leave my top button open and I hate it. I hope all companies will integrate elastic waists in their products.