Maneuver Conference – Mystery Ranch


Mystery Ranch has released the new Removable Bolster System. Almost four years ago, the MR Bolster System (BVS) drastically changed how packs interfaced with a Soldier wearing body armor equipped with rear plates by keeping the load from rolling across the back. Now, the new Removable Bolster System enhances the flexibility of their pack line.


Made from a coated, molded EVA foam (as found in running shoe mid-soles) the Bolsters help conform the load and also provide some stability and some flotation for the pack.


Packs equipped with the Removable BVS will be available beginning in November.



9 Responses to “Maneuver Conference – Mystery Ranch”

  1. Aaron says:

    Any chance of getting existing packs retrofitted from BVS to removable BVS?

    Any other new stuff?

  2. MARSOCMarine says:

    Now that is great. I hope their SATL will be updated to the removable BVS, as it’s a great pack but totally uncomfortable without armor… and, well, we don’t always wear armor, depending on what we’re doing.

  3. Doc says:

    Hey anyway you could out find if they’re gonna do this for the RATS pack or if I can send it in to get upgraded

  4. Buckaroomedic says:

    I wonder if these will be made available to retrofit to other brands of rucks? This looks like KISS at it’s best!

  5. oldsfguy says:

    Now that is a great idea.
    When’s their new Comm pack coming out?

  6. Ranch Hand says:

    The new molded Bolster will be replacing the old style on SATL and everything else that has come with bolsters in the past. We are putting them on the newest version of the RATS (available early 2012). The issue of retro fitting other packs is a source of discussion around the ranch, but no paln is currently in place…

  7. Doc says:

    New version of the RATS is it going to be a major improvement cause if so I’ll tell my supply guy to hold off on ordering me one.

  8. […] Ranch NICE frame rather than the issue Down East 1606 frame. You can clearly see MR’s new Removable Bolster System on the frame and word has it that they had a hand in development of FILBE. Interestingly, the 1606 […]