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NTOA – Velocity Systems


Velocity Systems is well known for armoring humans but up to now few have known that they have put their expertise to work protecting K9s. Their new K9 armor vest was a challenge in design as well as execution. Not only did Velocity Systems have to model K9 physiology in order to conduct a tradeoff between protective coverage and weight, but they also had to ensure that the armor could be properly borne by the dog.


Consisting of 4 hard armor plates, Velocity’s solution was to provide two different sizes of plates. Weighing in at 6 lbs, the plate carrier can be worn independently by the dog or can integrate with other manufacturer’s harnesses.

For more information visit, www.velsyst.com


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  1. elleerre says:

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  2. I see what you mean but... says:

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  3. elleerre says:

    “how can you tell he’s from Afghanistan?”

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  4. I see what you mean but... says:

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  5. elleerre says:

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  6. Lingua Franca says:


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  7. elleerre says:

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  8. elleerre says:

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  9. Crow Hunter says:


    Because Afghans are who we are currently fighting and up-armoring dogs isn’t a common practice within the US since the likelihood of being hit with an IED inside the US is kind of low.

    If you are trying to sell something to the US military and/or contractors, wouldn’t you gear my advertisments to those most likely to buy it?

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