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SOCOM Selects New Suppressors?

Rumor has it, SOCOM has selected new suppressors for 5.56 and 7.62, rifle as well as machine gun. Look for more news here soon.

12 Responses to “SOCOM Selects New Suppressors?”

  1. Matt says:

    My guess is its a couple Surefire cans or else its the new offerings from KAC finally out.

  2. Kango says:

    My bet is on AAC.

  3. FormerSFMedic says:

    There really wasn’t a standard in the first place. The KAC NT4 QDSS-M4 was the closest thing, but still not really a standard issue can. It’s good that SOCOM operators can finally have a standard.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about what they chose, even though I’m pretty sure I know what it is.

  4. Matt says:

    I’m going 100% with Surefire Can’s as the winner.

  5. Frank says:

    I bet a benji it’s AAC considering that they’re the “official” supplier for the SCAR.

  6. Jon C. says:

    I bet Surefire.

    The KAC can has absolutely been the standard issue can from Crane.

  7. paulie says:

    Surefire is already available and being issued. My bet is on AAC.

  8. Marky Gee says:

    INS you will be seeing this for the first and last time in the next 2-3 months

  9. charlie says:

    It’s hard to say, KAC has been whispering about new military contracts for their new MAMS break and associated suppressors, but I don’t believe they have a dedicated MG can, which both AAC and SF have. It’s probably going to be a mix of manufacturers.

    • Administrator says:

      The word we have is that it is a mix of manufacturers. Hopefully, the Government will announce soon.

  10. charlie says:

    I just heard from a reliable little birdie that it’s AAC and Surefire. Don’t know which cans though. I’m guessing since Crane bought a bunch of AAC 5.56 blackout mounts and a bunch of SF MG mounts a few months ago that AAC will get the rifle contract and SF the MG contract.

    • Administrator says:

      I heard similar news last week as well. However, I’ve been doing this long enough to know not to announce anything until either the Government or one of the winners says something. This is to account for protests which can sometimes alter the course of the award.