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Oral IV from Warrior Wound Care

Warrior Wound Care’s literature on their Oral IV product claims that it contains a “worldwide patent pending formula” of “Crystalloid Electrolytes and essential trace minerals.” The point is to get some electrolytes into you and restore your natural pH level.

So if you’ve figured out that Oral IV is great for dehydration the next thing you are going to wonder is how it is at counteracting one of the most common forms of dehydration for the male aged 21 and up; the hangover. While I fortunately haven’t suffered one in some time I did get a serious case of the crud during the whirlwind of trade shows that was known as September. I decided to try Oral IV as part of my recovery regimen on one particularly unsavory Sunday morning and sure enough, after drinking it straight from the ampoule, I felt better. Much better. Ok, so my experience is far from scientific but I’ve heard from several guys that have taken it after over-imbibing the night before and they say it worked for them too.

It’s all about restoring some natural order at the cellular level and it seems, from my experience that Oral IV’s mixture of electrolytes works.

Packed in sets of 4 individual soft ampoules, the top twists right off. There’s no glass to break. They just got a new shipment in so get yours.

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