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More Honey Badger Photos


AAC debuted the Honey Badger at AUSA. It was designed as a replacement for the venerable MP5 which will soon see its 50th birthday. However, the Honey Badger offers a couple of advantages. First, it is chambered for the .300 blackout cartridge. This means the weapon can fore both super and subsonic ammo. Additionally, it is based on the Stoner design which requires little transition from the M4.


Here you can see the Honey Badger’ two lengths of hand guards.

Keep track of Honey Badger developments at the AAC Blog.

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3 Responses to “More Honey Badger Photos”

  1. Paul Weaver says:

    Brilliant idea on that bottom weapon – combination front-sight and rail-mounted tape measure means that 1) you always have accurate range to target and 2) no more arguing at the bar over how far (therefore difficult/dangerous) that shot was.

  2. Administrator says:

    Paul…Palm Firmly Planted to Face

  3. I am prepared to pay up to 70 million for this product!