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Forces Focus – 42nd Route Clearance Co Partners with Bundeswehr

While this isn’t an EOD project, it is a counter-IED exercise pairing the US Army’s 42nd Route Clearance Company and the Bundeswehr’s 441st Mechanized Infantry Brigade Rout Clearance Team in a classic Engineer mission.

Although in typical AFN fashion the clip is short on details, it does remind us how important our engineer forces are in providing route clearanceIt also shows that new equipment has been developed for this mission and some of it was adapted from EOD.

Thanks from SSD to all the folks in the Counter-IED business!

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7 Responses to “Forces Focus – 42nd Route Clearance Co Partners with Bundeswehr”

  1. Rick says:

    The EOD tag in this post seems rather out of place.

    The RCP guys have a very tough mission and some do it very, very well. However it has nothing to do with the current mission that EOD fills downrange. They have my utmost respect as they face more IEDs and take more loses than any other unit I have worked with. It takes a special kind of Soldier and Leader to go out and execute that mission every day.

    That said, nothing says squared away like a FLC over a releaseable IOTV…

  2. Rick says:

    They have my utmost respect – they being the RCP guys.

  3. I see what you mean but... says:

    It seems that the article mentions that this isn’t EOD but that it’s kind of related.

    I read articles here and then read the comments. Maybe others should read the articles first as well.

  4. Rick says:

    I commented after both reading the post and watching the video as a quick homage to my brothers who have taken up this challenging mission. As an eod tech I am well aware of the dangers they face and have lost many friends in its accomplishment.

    Thanks for the tip though.


    • Administrator says:


      It’s great to have someone in the EOD business comment. Yes, I used an EOD tag but I don’t want a gazillion tags. Tags are a way of organizing the data and maybe I should just delete the EOD category and change it to C-IED?


  5. Rick says:

    No offense taken. Sometimes we (read: EOD, and more specifically myself) get a bit possesive of our title as people abuse it rather often. No need to correct it.

    The point of my post was to pay respect to the RCP guys and the dedication they put to their mission.


  6. Administrator says:

    Agreed, they are way under recognized.