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Just Sayin’

When we mentioned Orion Design Group we told you that their ODTDM-2 camouflage pattern would be featured on the cover of the Fall issue of SureFire’s “Combat Tactics” magazine. Well here it is, as promised.


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7 Responses to “Just Sayin’”

  1. Thomasjane says:

    What helmet is that? It’s has the molded NVG front like a Base Jump but no vent holes?

  2. FormerDirtDart says:

    here’s a better view of the helmet, and uniform, without the image altered. Pattern coloring significantly different.

  3. Thomasjane says:

    Wow- good find.. And weird. I guess vent holes weren’t “tactical’ enough for a magazine cover.

  4. kevin says:

    Any word on when this issue will hit shelves?

  5. Administrator says:

    It’s out. I took that pic with the iPad.

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