LockMart MONAX

Lockheed Martin’s MONAX is a secure 4G cellular network. It consists of the MONAX Lynx applique for smartphones that connects them with the MONAX XG Base Station infrastructure. What makes the system even more interesting is that it includes an inherent app store to allow the preview and use of smartphone apps while connected to the network. Additionally, the network infrastructure can exist on land or air platforms and can support hundreds of simultaneous users rather than the 40 associated with standard cellular systems.

The Marine Corps Forces Pacific Experimentation Center has purchased a MONAX system through the Office of Naval Research. They will use it for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief mission exercises.


One Response to “LockMart MONAX”

  1. Sgt A says:


    Looks precisely like ecosystem of AES encrypted hardware for an HSPA capable UMTS-FDD network (3GSM WCMDA).

    Still an improvement, but this looks like it’s lost between the adaptation of COTS 3G hardware and JLTR spinoff tech.