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Sheriff of Baghdad B-Sling – Available for Pre-Order

We told you on Friday that these would be available for pre-order starting today. Originally designed in 1998 by Sheriff of Baghdad (no, he wasn’t known by that name at the time), it’s a simple design that has proven itself time and time again. The B-Sling will attach to your rifle out of the box without additional hardware. You just order what you need.

Available in Black, Coyote, Olive, Desert Digital and MultiCam. Additionally, the front attachment is available as HK or Mash Hook as well as a QD swivel for a modest up charge.

Available now for pre-order from Mission Ready Equipment.

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5 Responses to “Sheriff of Baghdad B-Sling – Available for Pre-Order”

  1. Tom says:

    the site is not doing the sling justice.
    for those of you who hate when your sling gets hung up in vehicles
    and have a hard time finding the slider on the sling to loosen or tighten this is the sling for you.
    the slider remains in the same position no matter if you have it tight or loose which is great so you don’t have to look for it.

    easy, simple, and just plain works.

  2. Dan0280 says:

    It may be a great sling but it suffers from horrible branding (the Sheriff of Baghdad, really) and the ubiquitous skull charm thing that airsofters and the zombie crowd find so alluring. Makes it hard to take it seriously.

  3. Joe299 says:

    I think this sling is the right mix of functionality and simplicity. The guy who designed this sling has the experience to put forth a design that works. After all he is the “Sheriff of Baghdad”; actually he spent multiple rotations in Baghdad with a SMU testing and tweaking this design to get it right.

  4. S1 says:

    It’s got a skull on it. Is this an Affliction sling?

  5. HF6 says:

    I agree he could use some help on his website. I’ve seen this thing in action however and it is as legit as the operator who designed it. Simple, functional, efficient and lots of configuration options without having all the mes of 3-pointers. I’m hoping to get my hands on a few here as soon as I can.