Corps Strength – KISS – Keep it Simple (Stupid)

Just about everyday here at the International training center I run PT with my foreign military students. One of the (many) things I had to adjust to from my 28 years in the Marine Corps is that international military’s all have very different views on PT. Depending on the country, their programs vary from something like our US training, to mostly playing soccer, to almost nothing. So you can guess that these students arrive in a wide range of physical condition, experience and understanding of how to PT. To overcome these different backgrounds I’ve had to keep it simple and basic to make it effective. You can’t get deep in the weeds with complicated training routines when some of your students are literally wearing the first pair of actual “running shoes” that they have ever had on their feet. Plus, back in their home country they may not have access to any exercise equipment at all. Despite our “low tech” approach, the funny thing is that when utilizing the most basic of programs, consisting of calisthenics, stretching, aerobic conditioning and combat related movements our students make great improvements in their physical condition. It just proves something I know from years of training people, that you don’t need the high tech, latest and greatest exercise gear (and expensive supplements) to get and stay in great shape, to include keeping your weight in check. In my book “Corps Strength” I outline an effective and simple system to get you in top condition that has worked for thousands. Keep in mind that simple and basic doesn’t mean easy however, so it stills takes effort in any case. However the bottom line is the that it works and that is what keeping it simple is all about. Try it.
Good Luck

I can’t post pics of my international students, this is a pic of me carrying a fellow instructor during PT.


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