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Mayflower Releases New Products

Mayflower Research & Consulting has just released two new products; the Assault Pack and Back Panel.

Assault Pack

The Assault Pack is a low profile affair that is designed to be used in confined spaces and isn’t wider than your back for getting in and out of vehicles or negotiating windows and doorways. It is a top loader with two separate compartments. Additionally, it incorporates a bungee along the back of the pack to facilitate the quick stowage of gear. Finally, it can be attached directly to armor or carried with the removable shoulder straps.

Back Panel

The Back Panel attaches directly to the rear of a vest or other platform and incorporates two pouches with the bottom one being a rapidly deployable medical pouch. The top pouch is fixed and is sized around the SOCOM issue NOD sleeve. The med pouch has handles and is attached to the panel via Velcro along with a backup strap system. This allows your team mate to easily remove the med pouch from your back. This pouch can also be particularly useful for breaching, medical, or SSE. In fact, the utility of the Back Panel is only limited by your imagination. Look for additional pouch options in the future.

As usual, look for these in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, and MultiCam. Manufactured from 500D Cordura, they use mil-spec webbing and hard wear and are Made in USA! Both products are also available in LiteLok.



5 Responses to “Mayflower Releases New Products”

  1. Bob says:


    I can get a Tactical Tailor ROP (I already own 2) for $87 from SKD, and they’re essentially the same pack. WTF makes this $130 more expensive?

  2. johnny says:

    I think both of these products are really cool, and no doubt they are quality kit knowing they are from Mayflower. However looking that the price tags and what I need out of a back panel I think I will go for ATS assaulter or breacher back panels or even the Crye CPC assaulter pouch panel instead.

    Same for the assault pack. First Spear and Tyr Tactical make basically the same pack which is slightly cheaper.

  3. Marmatt says:

    The new MultiCam LiteLok reminds me of the D2 (Dual Denier) fabrics that Dana Designs was using 10 years ago. I remember their literature referring to it as a “reverse rip-stop” and being a more robust, abrasion-resistant fabric with decent weight savings. I noticed that the Mayflower photos have the same sheen as the Dana packs of that time. I wonder if they are as shiny as they look in the photo and if they scuff up and lose their luster.

  4. […] Aptly enough, Mayflower Research and Consulting has provided a prize pack consisting of their new Assault Pack and a UW Gen IV Chest Rig. Both are in MultiCam and made from LiteLok […]

  5. Mike says:

    I like the way the zipper extends so far down the side of the pack for access and that they used multicam for the molle web instead of coyote on the US Army issue packs