Gore-Tex Professional

Field Notes

A simple, “FIELD NOTES” is emblazoned on the cover. While they make a whole slew of notebooks, my favorite is the 48-page memo book. It is 3-1/2” wide by 5-1/2” tall making a perfect fit for a pocket and it’s well made so it won’t fall apart when you’re using it. Bound with a rugged three-staple saddle-stitch process, envelope brown and burnt orange are standard covers but over the course of a year, they release several specialty colors that sell out almost immediately.

I prefer the graph paper since I’m not much of an artist and it makes it easier for me to sketch but ruled and plain are also available. Made in USA.



4 Responses to “Field Notes”

  1. Ian R says:

    How does it compare to the rite in the rain notebooks?

  2. Administrator says:

    These are not waterproof.

  3. Adam L says:

    Not waterproof; more of a rugged classic. Think Moleskine, not Rite in the Rain.

    I have the graph paper Moleskine version of the books above. Same size, same price, same format. The Field Notes brand just has a little more industrial flair.

  4. murphquake says:

    due to my obsession with orange (and blue… Mets fan & NYC Paramedic =-) I went to see what they had in orange but i’m not having any luck, looks like just brown covers for now aside from the special editions? someone needs to get me the 50 states set for christmakwaanzakah