MOLLE Muff from FHF Gear

It’s getting cold out there. Whether stalking game or humans, there can be periods of time where you are sitting, and your hands freeze up. If you’re like me (and designer Paul Lewis), you don’t like to wear thick gloves. But, the MOLLE Muff from FHF Gear keeps your hands warm and at the ready.

It features a Cordura outer and a fleece inner with a mesh pocket for handwarmers. It attaches to your vest (or belt) via a single row of PALS webbing. Paul intends for you to mount the MOLLE Muff low, out of the way of your kit but you still have the option of mounting up on the chest. Additionally, there is some elastic in the attachment that allows for some give.

Coyote Brown and MultiCam are now in stock and ready to ship for winter. Ranger Green and Black should be in stock around Christmas. Other colors will be custom orders.

Made in USA!


13 Responses to “MOLLE Muff from FHF Gear”

  1. Terri says:

    Paul is my brother – forward thinking young man, a real force of nature!

  2. Eric says:

    Very nice looking. HSGI also makes something similar to that – the marsupial pouch

    • Administrator says:

      Yes, there are several on the market. Paul is the first guy I have seen who is has worked through the mounting options like he has.

  3. JL Coburn says:

    Welcome. Not that it would slow most of us down, but it screws with traffic bots.

  4. Please excuse me, but why in God’s name does that Montana Deputy Sheriff need camouflage? Shouldn’t he be readily identifiable as a Sheriff? He isn’t in Afghanistan, he is in Montana! Does anyone else question why our police force is becoming more and more like a military force? Can you say police state?

    Maybe he is just hunting and feels the need the show off his badge… like he is somehow above me and has more Rights than I do. It’s a good thing I’ve now spent 5 deployments in Afghanistan protecting this system of government.

    BTW, nice muffs…

    • Roger says:

      Because bad guys don’t just stop at the city line when it comes to chasing bad guys. Police force more like the military? Where on earth do you think felons go when they run? some like to hide out in the woods and isolated places. Think we should just let those in rural areas fend for themselves. sheeez.

      We respond to the increase in tactics and force of the perps out there. Where do you get off saying he thinks he’s above you? Seriously, you need to take a chill pill before you judge someone just based on a pic. If you don’t like the government your representing why do it? Hate to tell you but there are people out there that think the military is full of warmongering baby-killers. Like that generalization? didn’t think so…

  5. Matt D says:

    Really? A Tactical Muff?

    • Administrator says:

      Don’t knock it til you’ve you’ve used one. There is an issue item from another manufacturer.

  6. Tiim says:

    I’m with Matt D. A tactical muff? Seems very silly to me. It would be full of dirt and gravel first time you hit the ground. One more thing to get caught up on everything.

  7. BuffaloKnuckle says:

    This seems like CSM worst nightmare

  8. killslowly says:

    This seems pretty good for static surveillance, like HSGI already sort of covered.

    Checkpoint duty? Yup.
    POW Guard? Yup.
    Guard Tower? Yup.
    Winter/Skying? Yup.
    Low Crawling? Nope.
    Water Ops? Nope.

    Night with the ladies? Maybe

    Not everything is built for everything, but I can imagine some will find use, while others will be yelled by their CSM LOL.

  9. Ryan says:

    Hi all, I have used a FHF Molle Muff when it was below zero on numerous tactical operations. I can’t say enough how great this piece of kit is. It was a life saver. To not have to wear big thick winter gloves while operating is priceless.

    In reference to the multicam camouflage comments, if you were being shot at by “Bad Guys”, would you rather be wearing polyester with bright shiny metal objects all over your shirt, or camouflage that gives you a greater chance of going home safe to your family.

  10. Don Davidson says:

    Oh my god guys if you don’t like don’t buy or us it! As far as it use it is amazing I am working near the Afghan/Paki border, Highway A1 doing contract K9 work. I have 2 HSGI pouches, one lined and a custom ordered non-lined. I chest mount it depending upon the season. I use it to keep my hands warm, tuck a leash into, secure something while I am crawling into a COMEX on a search, etc, etc, etc! I love how the above AIRSOFT EXPERTS say on no “NOT ON A LOW CRAWL”, “IT WOULD FILL WITH ROCKS!” CRY CRY CRY! Ever heard of pockets, maybe we should not use them because THEY WOULD FILL WITH ROCKS. I think this product is great. From LEO’s to Archers to Snipers to us Dog Handlers, Thank you to the small companies that fill those “I WISH I HAD __________” products and producing them in a swift time to market.