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Arktis Launches New Site

If you’re an Arktis fan, you may have noticed their absence from the web for some time. But, now they’re back with an all new website. UK-based Arktis was started in the mid-80s by a Royal Marine veteran of the Falkland Campaign. Since then, they’ve led the development of specialized military fabrics, clothing and equipment across Europe. They’ve even made some penetration into the American market. Welcome back to the web!

UK – www.arktisltd.co.uk
France – www.noorloos-se.com
Netherlands – www.noorloos-se.com
USA – www.arktisusa.com


One Response to “Arktis Launches New Site”

  1. Ipkiss says:

    Such a shame that a company who produces such quality items isn’t capable of putting up a decent website. I’m missing a lot of products that they do make.
    However, those who already know arktis also know what they’re getting.
    Still, I feel that a lot of companies focus on creating a fancy website first and think of their products afterwards.