Need to Use Your Touch Screen Cell Phone While Wearing Gloves? Try Ambit Gloves from OR

Outdoor Research has introduced two new styles of handwear that offer the ability to use a touch screen device without having to take off your gloves. Integrating TouchTecâ„¢ technology, the Ambit glove is a fully seam taped, gauntlet style glove. Insulated with EnduraLoftâ„¢, the liner is made from waterproof/breathable Ventiaâ„¢ Plus. In addition to the Ambit there is also a lightweight glove called the Sensor which is offered in both mens and womens sizing.

I tried out a pair briefly during a sales call over the summer. While I can’t speak to the glove’s warmth in various temperatures I can say that I was pleased to be able to control my iPhone while wearing an insulated glove.


5 Responses to “Need to Use Your Touch Screen Cell Phone While Wearing Gloves? Try Ambit Gloves from OR”

  1. Colin says:

    I have the Hatch NS430 Specialist glove, and it works perfectly with iPhones and touch screen phones. While not insulated, they are excellent for all weather use – especially for LEO on patrol. They’re cheap too!

    • Administrator says:

      I’m curious how the Hatch gloves work on a touch screen. Can you explain the principle they are using?

  2. G.B. says:

    I’ve been using the Viper Tactical Special ops gloves for two years now, and one of the main things I like about them (other than their rediculously low $20 dollar price tag, and incredible durability) is the fact that you can use pretty much all touchscreen devices with them.

    No they dont have a specialised touch-screen technology, but they still work 100% of the time.

    Great piece of kit at an unbeatable price!

  3. somthingfunny says:

    Viper, durable ,dont make me laugh !