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Why Quality Firearms Instruction is Right for You

Written by LAV, the host of Tac TV for the Sportsman Channel Blog, is a great primer for those interested in taking their first firearms training course. It might also be a sanity check for those who have taken a class or two from some of the less-than-stellar “trainers” taking people’s money. It’s well worth your time to go and read it.


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One Response to “Why Quality Firearms Instruction is Right for You”

  1. Evan Hill says:

    I was fortunate enough to receive my first formal instruction and most of my subsequent sustainment training from LAV. The biggest eye opener has been, novice though I am, just how much better prepared I am for a real gunfight than those who have taken lots of classes from instructors who don’t know WTF is up, have maybe even taken on the mantle of instructor themselves, spend lots of time plinking at the range, or who think that attending action pistol matches constitutes training. There is no substitute for formal structured training from a true subject matter expert.