215 Gear Introducing Gloves – Updated

215 Gear is introducing has introduced two new glove styles at 1800 EST today. Both feature loops at the cuff of the short gauntlet, suede palms and look to be FR. The only visible difference is that one style has reinforced knuckles and the other doesn’t.

From the website:

Designed as a medium weight, full featured glove for Special Operations use. Kevlar thread and base layer protect the Operator from cuts; as well as fire and heat protection up to 800°F. The ergonomic cut of this glove does not have long fingers or short thumbs, as many import gloves do. Split leather palms and reinforcements allow for maximum dexterity, while providing outstanding traction in wet conditions. The cuff stops at the wrist, for less heat retention, while adding an elastic cuff for noise reduction, while donning and doffing. We have gone a step further by adding a Zoombang™ pad across the knuckles, providing ultimate protection to the area while working. The polymer in Zoombang™ padding is also referred to as Shear Thickening Substance. The shear thickening property is one of the key attributes that allow the pads to react to energy the way they do, which is to stiffen in relation to the energy applied. The combined properties of the Polymer/Shear Thickening/Viseoelastic material, resulting in a new type of protection that will react to the environment around whatever it’s protecting. At rest, Zoombang™ will simply conform to the exact shape of whatever it is supporting. Add energy, in the form of shock, and the material will instantly stiffen. Low profile carabineer loop for hanging on kit. Available in Coyote.
Lifetime Warranty, Made in the U.S.A


2 Responses to “215 Gear Introducing Gloves – Updated”

  1. Anon says:

    Looks solid but 75 USD is a bit much for my glove allowance. I guess I’ll never replace my nomex flight gloves with other modern gloves.