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Dakota Meyer Drops Suit Against BAE

Yesterday, Dakota Meyer has reached an accommodation with BAE Systems’ OASYS business unit and dropped his suit against both them and former supervisor Bobby McReight. We are happy to hear that this has been worked out. Reading through court filings by both parties this looked to be a situation that would have bloodied the noses of all involved. It’s a shame that it ever came to this. Dakota Meyer is an American hero and looks to have a bright future ahead of him. Additionally, OASYS builds some of the best IR technologies available and we hope to see them continue along this path for the foreseeable future.

BAE provided this statement:

ARLINGTON, Virginia – Sgt. Dakota Meyer and BAE Systems OASYS have resolved their dispute amicably. Sgt. Meyer has filed a dismissal of the case today with the court. The following statements have been issued reflecting closure of this matter:

Sgt. Dakota Meyer:

“I went to work for BAE Systems OASYS because of my great respect for the important work it does to protect the men and women of the U.S. military.

BAE Systems has demonstrated its support for veterans and their families through its generous contributions to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation and many other ways.

During my time there I became concerned about the possible sale of advanced thermal scopes to Pakistan. I expressed my concerns directly and respectfully. I am gratified to learn that BAE Systems OASYS did not ultimately sell and does not intend to sell advanced thermal scopes to Pakistan.

BAE Systems OASYS and I have settled our differences amicably. I also have made the decision to not go forward with litigation against Bobby McCreight. I wish the best for Bobby and a successful future supporting our troops.”


“We are pleased that we reached closure in this matter.

BAE Systems has the highest respect for Sgt. Dakota Meyer, who exemplifies the qualities that make the men and women of our armed services the best in the world. We owe him and the many thousands of others who have served and sacrificed for our country our deepest thanks.

BAE Systems, Inc. is proud to have an established track record as a trusted and responsible partner to our many U.S. military and intelligence community customers. Our more than 40,000 employees, including many thousand veterans, come to work every day focused on meeting the needs of those who serve. We are committed to continuing the vital work we do to support our customers in accomplishing their mission.

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4 Responses to “Dakota Meyer Drops Suit Against BAE”

  1. lord says:

    “our armed services…” BAE is a British company. They seem to take more time in providing good resorces and good kit to the US than they do the UK. Cunts.

  2. Walter says:

    Maybe I’m too cynical but how many zeroes do you think were on the check?

  3. Paralus says:

    “Maybe I’m too cynical but how many zeroes do you think were on the check?”

    Whatever BAE’s PR department told BAE’s legal department to pay.

  4. Mark says:

    This particular BAE entity is a US subsidiary, so the “our troops” are indeed US troops. I would hope that the UK HQ has similar feelings of support for our close British friends and comrades.

    This was an unfortunate case. I am sure some money changed hands, and probably some HR mandated training on what you can say to whom about your perceptions of someone’s job performance. I think that if Bobby McCreight hadn’t decided to run on at the mouth to the contracting officer (which cost Meyer a job), it would have never been a problem.