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Some Interesting Connections Surrounding Sale of Paraclete Armor

In late October MSA announced the sale of Paraclete Armor to PPE. PPE in turn, is owned by Sun Capital Partners, Inc.

What is pretty interesting about the Paraclete sale is that American Recreation Products which includes such brands as Kelty, Sierra Designs, Slumberjack, Ultimate Direction and Royal Robbins, is also owned by Sun Capital. These brands all have an impressive line of military products that we’ve covered in the past here on SSD.

Since ARP’s primarily outdoor focused the vast majority of their products are produced overseas. This can make for rough going if you are interested in military business. Perhaps, thanks to the Sun Capital connection, we will see some production of ARP’s military products by Paraclete. What would be even cooler is if we could see some cross pollination from ARP’s outdoor design expertise to Paraclete’s product offerings.

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