The Glowbar is a high-carbon steel crowbar that also happens to glow in the dark! Each Glowbar is coated in a Silicate-Aluminium-Oxide-based powder that glows up to ten times brighter than conventional glow in the dark items. It’s available in 12″ and 24″ versions, with 2% of profits going to the EFF, a non-profit that fights for technological freedom. Also available is the Glowbar T-shirt, and the company says they’ll be making more tools with the hyper-phosphorescent powder coating in the near future.

This article originally appeared on Tactical Fanboy.

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8 Responses to “Glowbar”

  1. Johnny B says:

    I dont give a shit what anybody says about tactical applications or the detriment of having glowing anything – that thing is freakin’ awesome!

  2. ODG says:

    YEAH SUPER RAD!!, get compromised and shot on the way to the breach point.

    • mike says:

      You’re right, terrible idea. EVERYTHING first responders wear or use should be tactical or camoflauged making them harder to see in an emergency.

      • Johnny B says:

        I would never consider this for work – but it would still be hella-cool in the garage! And if they make screwdrivers and hammers and such in the future, in the car. Last thing I want if the car breaks down roadside is to lose a tool on the side of the road – esp if it’s the Mrs by herself.

  3. Mobious says:

    Gordon Freeman would love one of these

  4. winston says:

    How resistant is that coating?
    I imagine it has very limited tactical applications but there could be useful in emergency situations such as natural disasters where the power is out.

    Or if you get bored you could run around in the dark pretending to be a jedi.

  5. Stefan S says:

    WTF? Oops shot cause I had a glowing crowbar. Time to get an attorney! Dumb idea.