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Plataxe Follow Up

Hardcore Hardware Australia has posted a video on Youtube of their new Plataxe. As you may recall, the Plataxe is manufactured by Hardcore Hardware exclusively for Platatac. It is designed as a impact/MOE/CQB tool and features an articulated handle to place more force of the swing onto the blade. The head features a full blade and on the reverse a reverse penetrating spike. Manufactured from D2 tool steel coated with black Teflon and topped off with a G10 contoured handle.

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14 Responses to “Plataxe Follow Up”

  1. Thistle says:

    Um,I don’t get it. Why would I want to break a piece off of a cinderblock with a tomahawk? It would be easier and quicker to use a bigass hammer, and I already have one of those.

  2. Tim Thomas says:

    I don’t think this guy is going to make it as a Brick Layer…!

  3. AAP says:

    How is pounding a hole and breaking a Cinder block any type of a test? I have done that with a cheap screw driver and a hammer. I have done it with a cheap knife. I’ve done it with a more useful tool called a crowbar.

    Where in this video is a test of any type? All it was was silly.

  4. John Gilbert says:

    Those ausies sure know how to have fun

  5. Jake says:

    AAP is correct. Beating on a 4″, loose, concrete masonry unit (CMU), aka cinder block, does not inspire any confidence that this tool is worth lugging around.
    FYSA – Most CMU walls are solid. IOW a mixture of stone and concrete slurry is poured into the wall as it is constructed. Plataxe isn’t going to beat its way through a concrete wall.

  6. 96C says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have an abandoned building to cut down with it or that would be the focus of the video, believe me… I am however working on sourcing an old car to can-open, break and rake, punch holes in etc.
    Smashing holes into a cinder block is by no means the most intense test around and it wasn’t supposed to be, just a simple example that despite it’s size you can still get the power down and make a mess if you have to. Will keep you posted lads, merry christmas.

  7. Hammer says:

    …I want one

  8. Rick B says:

    I want one too!!!

  9. Ken says:

    Got one ordered, I think. Not too sure about the international funds transfer through credit card. Keeping my fingers crossed. Can’t say enough good about Platatac customer service. US companies could learn a thing or three from them. Very responsive.

  10. Spencer says:

    @APP For me I always liked the idea of making my own door to avoid fatal funnels when stuck or to go where they do not expect you. I have also heard(it was a good while ago) that the big use for the spike on hawks was to make a hole in a 55gal drum for chain to go thru for rode blocks etc.

    @Jake If you have ever dropped a good knife on a cement floor you know how bad it efs it up. The test is not scientific but t does give you an idea of how it can handle abuse and of the quality of the metal/temper. Also in most building around here you will never see a cinder block wall that was filled. An with my “fun” experiences of destroying concrete walls, yes you can get thru them with a good hammer, it’s noisy and it takes a while but it can be done. Can the Plataxe do it? Don’t know haven’t tried, but if my cheep old hammer can do it who knows.

    • AAP says:


      Reading what you wrote HOW you wrote it, you said you like the IDEA of making your own door, the way you wrote it would lead me to believe that you have NEVER actually done that task in real life. Your words not mine. I have made holes in walls in real life under fire from the bad guy and I can tell you that a small cool guy ax will not get the job done. A 40mm from a M203 however DID get the job done. 25mm HE rounds got the job done. DETCORD also got it done as well as some C4.

      As for the not going where the BG expects you, do you believe them to be deaf even when gunfire is happening? If so, I want never to be in your stick.

      • Spencer says:


        I do not understand the animosity in how you responded to me, but I guess I will try to explain statement. Yes I have made a door in real life and yes not under fire, it’s quite nice made of oak with a dark walnut stain….seriously though I have made a hole in concrete big enough to climb through. Do I think that the small hawks like this one will do the job in the time you usually get in an emergency? NO.

        I agree with you that there are much better options for making a new door and any explosive would be of great use, and by your own statement it appears to be a useful option to have. As for noise I never gave a scenario but I have never heard a hammer, crowbar, chisel or the like louder than the 5.56.

  11. Rick B says:

    Is it just me or is it not the intent for this type of small hand held tool to be used as a backup device when typical breaching methods cannot be deployed?

    I don’t think anyone would opt for a tomahawk over the more dynamic entry methods if they were available! I think this point is moot and would suggest that the ref to MOE and brick walls is a bit of an overstatement and more directed towards durability if you were forced to use it in this manner then you could perhaps?

    Personally, my view is that as a back up, compact tac tomahawks are great for light entry jobs and as an all round working tool, far superior to a knife. I also like them from the perspective of reach extension, intimidation and overall practicality.