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If you find yourself regularly tying gear down then you might want to check out this new product we just heard about. They use a Nite Ize S-biner to adjust the length of their bungee and secure it on one end. However, I have to say, their “Safe Knot” they use to anchor the LoopRope is just a simple girth hitch or lark’s head. The double bungee effect looks to offer some versatility in securing the load especially when used in conjunction with other LoopRopes.

Overall, it looks like a new mousetrap and might be right for some of our readers considering the product’s versatility and adaptability. You’ll come up with ways of using the LoopRope that no one ever considered.


One Response to “LoopRope”

  1. Jeff Dahl says:

    Hi I’m the guy that invented this stuff. Not sure who wrote this but it’s much appreciated. The stuff truly is amazing and once you get your hands on it it’s all you will ever use from a light to medium duty standpoint. We now offer it with our own LoopClip carabiner which out styles and out strengthened the competition. Thank you very much!