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Hill People Gear – Winter 2011 Product Focus Video

Not a word is spoken in this video showcasing Hill People Gear’s growing product range but words aren’t needed to send the message that they have developed a living system. I have many of their products and I’ll tell you, I’m a believer. Their range is great for the outdoorsman or adventurer who wants to keep it light and simple. There’s something refreshing about spending time that way in the wild and Hill People Gear has certainly captured that spirit.


8 Responses to “Hill People Gear – Winter 2011 Product Focus Video”

  1. Patrick says:

    The mountain serape is one of the best pieces of kit that I have acquired this year.

  2. Rabblerouser says:

    They had my business for life when they automatically kicked-back a refund so I was only paying the exact cost of postage. It’s the little things that say a lot about a business and how they value their customers. Good kit, good company.

  3. Austin says:

    Nice and simple, thanks for sharing.

  4. John M. Denny says:

    That’s cool, and the gear looks to be well thought out too.

  5. Buckaroomedic says:

    I am totally digging’ HPG’s gear. I’ve got a couple pieces of their stuff and it is great. I really want one of the Serapes and their men bike pack. Plus, the Hill Bro’s are both a couple of real “down to earth” kind of guys, easy to talk to.

  6. William M. says:

    Will check it out. Building a Bail out Bag for dismount ops 24-48 Hrs.

  7. LAPD/USMC/Grunt says:

    Outstanding piece of equipment. These guys “get it”!

  8. Yanne says:

    You couldn’t have posted that video before Christmas? To think, I asked for a kindle instead of all that gear…thanks for nothing :-).