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Insanity Ensues!

New Balance is offering the OTB Boots Bootistan in Tan for, get this…$59.99. That is $120.00 off normal retail.

The waterproof Bootistan mountain boot is lined with Sympatex and features a dual density Ortholite footbed covered with Dri-lex. Get yours before they are gone.

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14 Responses to “Insanity Ensues!”

  1. Brian Muoio says:

    Hey fellow readers,
    I was meandering the vendor links New Years morning and hit the OTB link. I saw this incredible deal and couldn’t resist even though I already own the Lowa and Garmont in the identical style. Well my boots arrived today and I was BLOWN AWAY!! Even at almost $200 these boots are very well made and I SCORED! You can tell allot of designing went into these. I can see they are water tight as well!
    Grab a pair or even two.

  2. Chris says:

    This is a great deal. I just went to the website & purchased a pair.
    Thanks for posting this!


  3. Jed Eckert says:

    Did New Balance buy OTB? And does anyone know if OTB’s are made in the USA??

  4. Ken says:

    Thank you for posting this! Used a pair of these in the dirty land. Both the GF and I bought a pair.

  5. maresdesign says:

    Just ordered mine. Perfect for the Colorado Rockies!

  6. Edward says:

    Mine arrived yesterday…just when the wife came home. “But honey, they were only $60.00!” A hikin’ we will go!

  7. Winston says:

    Damn, they wont ship outside of the US.

    Guess thats saved the bank account from another hit…

    • Crystal says:

      There are other sites that do. Google for it “NB OTB boots”

      • Winston says:

        I meant for this special.
        $60.00 is an awesome deal compared to $400 bucks from a retailer here for the same ones.

  8. Tyler says:

    Insanity indeed, I bought a pair at full price and I thought they were a great deal.

  9. Roland says:


    New Balance purchased OTB in 2009 and we own and operate 5 US based footwear factories. While this model is not made in America several of our other boots are either made or assembled in the USA. The Abyss boot was recently re-introduced as a made in the USA Berry Amendment Compliant boot.

    Thank you,