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MTP Dry Suit

Amazingly, the UK MoD has even procured Dry Suits in MTP but serving troops still can’t purchase anything in the pattern.

7 Responses to “MTP Dry Suit”

  1. lord says:

    i don’t understand the priorities of the people in charge. they can ensure divers have MTP suits but can’t get the new body armour up and running in the UK. They can also bug us about removing elastic from helmet covers for foilage then similarly bring out reports saying that using foilage is inneffective.
    the strange, mystical world of the british army. its a real acid trip.

    • Rob says:

      Considering the weight of the in-service diving gear I can see why they’ve invested in MTP “dry bags”. There is only a small number of Army Divers within the JF Engr Regt and whilst waddling slowly to the water in a black suit under all that weight would be a clear and tempting target of opportunity. Depending on the Op tempo, losing just one guy could have a major impact on ops, especially when R&R is taken into account.

  2. Pascal says:

    Any idea which company manufactures this dry suit? Typhoon maybe…

    • Sqn Scribe says:

      Northern Diver is the current main supplier for military wet and dry suits. Don’t know if this is one of theirs though.

      • Pascal says:

        I just get an answer from Northern Diver:
        “Yes both the material and the suit are manufactured by northern diver. We are also able to make other scuba equipment from the Multicam, this would include wetsuits, wetsuit boots, gloves, buoyancy control device(BCD)”.

        Good job Scribe 😉

  3. Sqn Scribe says:

    Makes more sense if these were originally procured for more ‘shadowy’ customers those that might want to covertly recce inland from the sea or riverine insertion.
    But then this is the UK MoD the same agency that bought tens of thousands of gloves in desert DPM pattern (instead of a nice x-terrain coyote brown) – making them look ridiculous when coupled with either DPM or MTP and required additional new procurement a couple of years later.

  4. PJ2RESQU2 says:

    I need this drysuit to go with my H&K P11 underwater pistol and Extrema Ratio Ultramarine Dive Knife.