TYR Tactical

12 Days of Tactical Christmas Winners

If you received an email saying you’ve won, please answer it! We have a lot of unclaimed prizes.


18 Responses to “12 Days of Tactical Christmas Winners”

  1. Matt says:

    I’ll take some of the unclaimed prizes.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Good lord, people unclaiming free stuff? Send it to me, at least I’ll use it.

  3. Lucky says:

    Email answered last night 😀

  4. Ross says:

    I’d love to answer…but I never got an email 🙁

  5. ben lewis says:

    I didn’t get m emails 🙁

  6. Thomas Hagan says:

    Answered as soon as I saw the e-mail.. Now just waiting patiently.. 😉

  7. Craig says:

    Check your spam folder! Mine was hidden in there.

  8. Derek says:

    email sent last night

  9. Swiat34 says:

    I think I lost your email, send it again. 😉

  10. Clayton says:

    I think I lost your email too. Send it again.

  11. nathan schott says:

    I just wanna take this opportunity thank you and all of the companies that graciously donated items for the12 days of christmas. I look forward to meeting up with SSD at the shot show. Again thank you.
    Nathan Schott

  12. Max says:

    Sent my emaim

  13. William M. says:

    Shot it out, yesterday Thanks again soldier systems. (Day 5) TT Small Pack

  14. Josh says:

    Sorry my email was in spam I replied though

  15. Manny says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. I answered as soon as I could get to a secure network. I hope not to sound greedy, but I’ll take any unclaimed prizes, haha!

  16. DeltaNate says:

    I responded as soon as I seen it. Cant wait to get my hands on the G Code holster. Count me on the list if no one wants their stuff.

  17. Alex says:

    Awsome giveaway guys thanks

  18. Alex says:

    I’ve replied to the email but didn’t get a reply to my…er..reply. Hopefully all is well and it was received ok.