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S&S Precision 2012 Catalog

Drool away…

S&S Precision Catalog 2012



6 Responses to “S&S Precision 2012 Catalog”

  1. straps says:

    Nice stuff.

    Pic on page 32 is gonna get a lot of print catalogs tossed in the trash.

  2. straps says:

    Might be print page 28–whichever has the operator preparing to save the Captain & Lady from the Rastafarian pirate. I think it relies on trite, racially stereotyped caricatures that much of the industry has learned to avoid. Might be appropriate for the folks in the field but easily-offended people up the line who vote for funding or cut POs might see it differently. Probably just me–I work in one of the largest cities in the US to prohibit its LE from using Tasers…

    • johnny says:

      My impression was that the SEAL was conducting an assault on a drug lord’s yacht and that rasta dude with the chicom chest rig was one of the drug lord’s on-board henchmen for protection. My only concern about the above illustration is that I hope the captain and his ‘mate’ dont spill their champaign when they notice Bob Marley’s brain matter skewed all over the nice hard wood interior.

      I dont quite get the photo at the beginning of the catalog with the guy hiding behind a wall while 4 thugs are intimidating/beating up that one guy on the loading dock.

  3. Thomas Jane says:

    Save the captain & lady? They’re having a cocktail.. They don’t need saving.. Their bartender, however, is about to get whacked.
    This looks less like racism and more like Class Warfare! LOL

  4. Justin says:

    In the words of sgt hulka….”lighten up Francis”