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Battle Systems Vinyl Tape

Battle Systems offers 3/4″ wide Vinyl Tape. It is Coyote and features a matte finish and comes in 60′ rolls. We purchased some awhile back and have been using it around the homestead for a variety of tasks although mainly on gear. We tried to set fire to it but it wouldn’t burn. Conversely, it remained sticky in spite of dousing it with water.

It’s a simple product with a 1000 uses. Best of all, it blends in with your gear. We like it and recommend it. Everyone should have a roll.

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3 Responses to “Battle Systems Vinyl Tape”

  1. John Denny says:

    That’s cool, and good to know I can support a veteran’s business when I keep up my kit. I’m almost out of riggers tape, so I’ll have to look into this soon.

  2. Nick says:

    This stuff is resilient! I ordered a few rolls and have already put it to many uses. I had a small puncture in first aid gel freezer pack and put a small amount of the tape over the hole to prevent any leakage and create a seal. It has held up for weeks in the freezer and even after being applied to a sore knee and put back into the freezer. Heat and cold resilient! Great stuff! Everyone needs a few rolls.