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Typhoon International Products Available from Elite Defense

UK-based Typhoon International has been building dry suits and associated equipment since 1947. This expertise has made them the largest producer of dry suits in the world and their customers include some of the most elite units around.


Typhoon’s product line is available to US customers through Elite Defense.

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4 Responses to “Typhoon International Products Available from Elite Defense”

  1. Keith says:

    You know, I really wish you guys would stop posting links that are worthless.

    Typhoons military site is restricted and Elite Defense’s site is under construction, barely up and searches for ‘Dry Suits’ , ‘Dive Gear’ or ‘Typhoon’ products come up blank.

    Incredibly dumb on everyone’s part.

    • I see what you mean but... says:

      Not really stupid, Eric told me quite awhile ago that there were going to be articles that were meant for a select readership. Based on what I’ve heard from several people, I’d say that these kinds of articles reach exactly the people that both elite defense and typhoon want as customers.

  2. BrettW says:

    The products that we are carrying are military restricted and are going direct for military units (and or federal and DoD components). Typhoon has restrictions on what information they release to the public and we follow thier same guidelines. If you need access we can get it you on Typoons website. We at Elite are working hard to get in up on our,mbut that will be just as restricted for the time being. I’m sorry if your offended by it, but If you need access or information on it Kieth let me know and I will make sure you get it.

  3. FWIW says:

    I’ve used Typhoon dry suits for years and to be honest, their civilian range does everything the civilian diver needs. The military gear is just that and really has little utility in the civilian world other than for those that want to look “Ali” while getting their octopus unstuck from their BCD.

    However, it is important that services like SSD report on availability of such products as personnel are constantly rotated and handovers, if they are done, are often incomplete.