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31 Souls Project and AmericanSnipers.org Raises Almost $15k!

The 31 Souls Project, working in conjunction with Americansnipers.org raised almost $15,000 for the Arc’Teryx Special Operations Support Fund. This non-parochial fund is outstanding in that they are ensuring that the survivors of all of the 6 August causalities receive support. I was at last summer’s OR when news spread about the crash and Arc’teryx moved swiftly to set up the Special Operations Support Fund.

The 31 Souls Project put together one hell of a raffle that was hosted by AmericanSnipers.org at SHOT Show.

Thanks to all who donated gear, time, and money.

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One Response to “31 Souls Project and AmericanSnipers.org Raises Almost $15k!”

  1. Rooster2005 says:

    American Snipers is a great organization. In 2005 while serving in a sniper section with HHC 1/110 2nd BCT 28th ID, we were very under-supplied for the given mission. We contacted American Snipers with some of our deficiencies and they far exceeded our expectations. They provided us with Ergo M4 Grips for our entire section, a few assault packs and plate carriers, and 4 Leopold spotting scopes. That was all just the first package – they continued to send smaller packages with some odds and ends throughout the remainder of the deployment without us even asking.
    In 2009, I was deployed back to Iraq as part of a Stryker unit stationed at Camp Liberty and got an email one day from American Snipers asking if I was deployed again. They said they were updating their records and just checking in. I let them know I was deployed, however no longer with a sniper unit – they insisted on sending me some gear for the boys anyways (after much urging from me to find a more deserving sniper section that could use the gear more). I can’t stress enough how impressed I was with their organization and how much they’ve contributed to their great cause through the years. Keep up the good work.